benefits of applying facial oils at night

The Benefits of Applying Facial Oils at Night

When it comes to skincare, the right products can make all the difference. Facial oils, like our Glow It Facial Oil, are a fantastic addition to any beauty routine. However, while using facial oil during the day has its benefits, applying it at night can be even more effective for long-term benefits to your skin. 

What are the benefits of using facial oil?

Facial oils are packed with nutrients that boost skin radiance and increase elasticity. Here's a closer look at the general benefits:


Boosting Skin Radiance

    Facial oils are excellent for providing deep hydration, which is crucial for boosting skin radiance. Facial oils help to lock in moisture, ensuring your skin stays plump and luminous.

    Many facial oils are also rich in vitamins and antioxidants that nourish the skin, helping to repair damage and protect against environmental stressors.


    Increasing Skin Elasticity

      Ingredients in facial oils, such as essential fatty acids, can promote collagen production. This helps in maintaining skin elasticity and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

      Also, regular use of facial oil can lead to firmer, more supple skin, giving you a youthful and refreshed appearance. Consider using facial oil as part of your daily skincare routine and see the benefits after just a few weeks. 


      using facial oils at night

      Why you should consider nighttime facial oil application

      While daytime skincare is still very popular, nighttime skincare can provide even more benefits for several reasons.

      The nighttime is a very beneficial time to apply skincare products. At night your skin undergoes its natural repair and regeneration process. Here's why using facial oil at night can enhance these benefits:


      Enhanced Absorption

      In general, our skin is more receptive to active ingredients at night. Applying facial oil before bed ensures better absorption, allowing the nutrients to penetrate deeply and work more effectively.


      overnight skincare


      Minimal interference

      During the day, makeup, sunscreen, and environmental factors can hinder the effectiveness of facial oils. However, at night, your skin is clean and in a better state for receiving facial oils. Applying the oils at night reduces the risk of oils being rubbed off, allowing them to soak into the skin as you sleep.


      Supports Natural Repair

      Nighttime is when your skin cell turnover rate is at it's very best. Applying facial oils at night is much more beneficial to your skins natural regeneration process, helping to boost the entire process. 

      Nighttime is also when your skin recovers from daily stressors such as UV exposure. Facial oils can aid in this recovery, providing essential nutrients and hydration for your skin. 


      Promotes Relaxation

      Applying facial oil at night can become part of a soothing self-care routine, helping to relax your mind and prepare for relaxing sleep. The calming effects of certain oils, such as lavender, can also improve sleep quality, which in turn benefits your skin.

      Applying skincare at night can not only provide physical benefits, it can also help with mental fatigue and boost mental wellbeing for increased happiness. 

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