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Glow It Rose Quartz Facial Stone

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Glow It Rose Quartz Facial Stone

It's time to give your skin the glowing, radiant complexion it deserves.

Rose quartz stone has been used for centuries to beautify and enhance the look of skin. Now, you can use that same power to improve your complexion at home with this gentle crystal stone.

How to prepare to use a Rose quartz facial stone?

Here’s how to use your rose quartz facial stone:

Clean your face.

Get yourselves unready and expose your bare face. Make sure to have it thoroughly cleaned and dried before your skincare regime gets into contact with the skin.

Cleanse and tone

Apply your skincare products You can cleanse and tone your face before using your roller.

The rose quartz stone massages to help reveal firmer, more radiant-looking skin with a relaxing massage!

The rose quartz stone, historically renowned for its beautifying properties, powers this crystal roller to revitalize skin and help reveal a firmer, more radiant and smoother-looking complexion through a gentle, relaxing facial massage. 

Achieve a more youthful appearance with a simple massage that helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The stone also helps improve circulation in the face and neck area. Use with Glow It capsules to create even more radiant and glowing skin. 

How to use a Facial Stone

We know you're busy, but we want to make sure you have a few minutes to take care of yourself.

So here's a quick routine that will only take five minutes.

1. Cleanse your face and hands with your favourite cleanser. 

2. Apply your facial serum and moisturiser.

3. Warm up the Gua Sha stone between your hands for 1 minute.

4. Follow this routine:

a) Sweep up the neck with gentle pressure, starting at the top of the ear and moving down to the collarbone.

b) Sweep over the jaw line, starting at the outer edge of one ear and moving over to the other side of your jawline, as well as sweeping across where it meets your chin.

c) Sweep underneath my cheekbones in an upward movement from where they meet my smile line all the way up to my temple and back down again until reaching my chin again (again from each side).

d) Gently sweep under my eyes with gentle pressure from side-to-side (again starting at each outer corner of my eye and moving towards my nose).